Design Develop Digital Studio Lancashire

& Support


The ongoing management, maintenance and support of your digital platforms is crucial to ensure they remain effective.

We have a dedicated team who work to manage your sites, platforms and infrastructure as well as to support your business users. By taking end-to-end responsibility of the platforms, we can drive down your total cost of ownership and help you get more from them at the same time.

Our maintenance developers can manage the hosting of your websites on a global basis. We proactively perform maintenance on your website and e-mail hosting, monitor key performance measures, and provide a full service.

We want your digital platform to succeed. Based on insights and data we collect, we can make regular proactive updates to your websites, apps, hosting package and e-mail accounts, keeping them updated and at the forefront of your industry sector.


  • Software Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Code Updates
  • Debugging
  • System Analysis
  • Database Updates
  • Hosting Maintenance
  • E-mail Support
  • Spam Filters