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Courtyard Homes

What we did
Web + UX/UI + WordPress + Develop

Courtyard Homes

Courtyard Homes provide a new approach to selling houses. It is based on a very simple premise that knowing your property and area, they can matchmake your property with a buyer..

Courtyard Homes required a custom WordPress solution and theme to match the comapany’s existing off-line branding.

The theme was wireframed, created in Photoshop before the front end development started.

Once the theme’s framework was almost complete, we started to build in the database and back end elements.

The information for each property is displayed a separate API called Domus. Domus is a back-end editor which stores all the property information, images and location. Custom styles where created to position these elements on the page.

The site also uses tow Google API’s, Google Maps and Google Fonts. Google Maps is used on each property page to show the property location. The information on the location comes from Domus, so each map is individual.