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Elemental Guitars

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Elemental Guitars

Elemental Guitars are a new to the market company, who specialise in building, restoring and customising electric, bass and acoustic guitars and components.

In simple terms, elemental means “forming an essential or typical feature related to or embodying the powers of nature”, we decided to implement the sun and the moon as a basis for the logo, as they are the two greatest forces in nature, which create and affect all life on earth.

Using two organic, contrasting colours for the branding, gold and carbon grey, we kept the layout for the logo simple and clean.

organic logo

Using natural elements and shapes helped create this unique logo that once seen, is difficult to forget.

make some noise

With the branding created before the website, getting t-shirts printed to spread the word is a must for when visiting trade shows and festivals.

“Our logo is amazing! We had several ideas presented to us by n7, all of which where outstanding. The hard part was choosing one of the designs!.”

Jack Shorrock