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Energy Cayman

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Graphic Design

Energy Cayman

The National Energy Policy focuses on utilising renewable energy, promotes energy efficiency and conservation measures and supports energy security by reducing the reliance on imported fossil based fuels in the Cayman Islands.

In simple terms, elemental means “forming an essential or typical feature related to or embodying the powers of nature”, we decided to implement the sun and the moon as a basis for the logo, as they are the two greatest forces in nature, which create and affect all life on earth.

Using two organic, contrasting colours for the branding, gold and carbon grey, we kept the layout for the logo simple and clean.

build a house

Instead of using software, the house was sketched out on a draughting board, using pen on paper. Once happy with the look, the layout was scanned and the basic shape drawn out in illustrator.
Once in illustrator, the lifework was redrawn adding depth to the walls, floors and windows. When the layout looked correct, colours, textures and shadows where added to create a depth of filed and realism.


Using the same outline as the house, we crated a 3D box, which would be used to replicate all the same angles on the elements and furniture. Although the lines of perspective are far from purpose, the brief was to create a 3D illustration but keep it simple.

layers, highlights and shadows

Once we had the basic furniture, we could start to fill out the rooms. Shadows are added to walls and floors, along with highlights from the windows, which can be seen on walls and the edges of objects.

“We provided n7 with a basic idea of what we wanted. They took the brief, researched and developed some ideas, before presenting us with the designs. They surpassed all of our expectations with the logo and branding ideas.”

Hon. Kurt Tibbetts
Minister of Planning, Lands, Agriculture, Housing andInfrastructure