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Gilbraith Logistics

Gilbraith Logistics are a well established transport and storage company based in Blackburn, in the North West of England, who can trace their roots back to 1920.

We first created the logo, using angles and shapes, at various depths and hues, to emphasise the feel of moment and going forward.
Once we had a colour scheme, as used on the logo, we started to develop websites home page, using the same idea of movement.
A mixture of modern san-serif, and a more classical serif font, relate to the historic and modern day focus of the business.

Using two organic, contrasting colours for the branding, gold and carbon grey, we kept the layout for the logo simple and clean.

moving forward

The logo was designed to create the feel of moving forward. A gold version was produced to celebrate the companies centenary year in the industry.

digital impact

By embracing a truly design led process we have been able to create a visually impactful, beautiful and indelible digital experience. The idea of movement has literally informed the site design.

“Within two weeks of the website going live, we had numerous enquiries and new contacts regarding our logistics and storage services, something our old website rarely achieved”

Henry Gilbraith