retro style


What we did
Web + UX/UI + Logo + Brand


Miniretro are a new and upcoming furniture brand that create stunning armchairs from the original Mini Cooper cars, which are replicated in GRP from moulds.

Keeping the logo and branding simple and clean makes it more memorable and does not distract users from the products.
Using a small palette of colours, we added interest to specific areas by using red, white and blue from the Union Jack flag, which also ties in with the Mini being a British icon.

The site runs a custom WordPress theme, designed and developed in-house by ourselves.


Inspired by the racing stripes on a Mini Cooper bonnet, we used an easy to read typeface and finished off the logo with the brands strap lines.


active banners

With the branding created before the website, getting t-shirts printed to spread the word is a must for when visiting trade shows and festivals.


“We where stunned by the designs and ideas n7 presented us with. The website is amazing and looks fantastic.”

Dave R