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What we did
Logo + Brand

Six String Stickers

Six String Stickers design, manufacture and sell stickers and vinyl covers for guitars and guitar cases.

After designing specific page and responsive elements, we created a custom WordPress and Woocommerce theme. We designed all the bespoke UI icons to work seamlessly with the colour scheme, along with the branding and digital print artwork.

The packaging is designed to attract attention by using bold colours on the background, whilst the reverse displays product information, social media and the websites url.


Using contrasting colours for the websites product categories allows the user to know which section of the site they are on.

grid layout

Using a grid for the websites layout allows the customers to browse with ease, whilst the responsive layout follows the same style.

“n7 where fantastic! They helped us to understand how our website would look and work. The logo is awesome and is completely different from anything else, making us, and our products, stand out.”

Cal Parker