Rishton Waste Paper Website Description.
A centralised logo with the main navigation, sits at the top of each page. Here, on the home page, the logo and navigation sit above a sliding masthead gallery. The gallery will have four slides, one for each of the main processing and recycling services you offer. There is also a button on each slide which links to that particular service.
Below the masthead are four call to action boxes. When the user hovers over each box, it will expand and highlight in blue. These boxes also have a link to the particular service.
This section is followed by a brief introduction about Rishton Waste Paper and then a Online Quote form. This form could be changed to a ‘Call Back’ form for customers who want further information about a specific service.
A further three panels follow this, with a focus on other services you offer, Picking, Bailing and Shredding.
A testimonials panel is below this and at the bottom is the footer, which contains all your contact information, operating hours, service links and a list of links to the main pages within the site.
The layout is fluid and responsive and will work cross-browser and be responsive, so it will scale to work on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.